Parts and components for robotic assisted surgery.Unique Contract Manufacturing Solutions for Surgical Robotics

Cadence manufactures critical components and consumables, as well as high-precision subassemblies for surgical robotics companies worldwide. Unique applications used in robotic assisted surgery requires innovative manufacturing solutions, and Cadence leads the way in supplying complex parts for minimally invasive surgeries.

We partner with OEMs to provide vertically integrated solutions for the surgical robotics market -- from engineering and manufacturing to supply chain management. 

Surgical robotics instrument supplier.OEMs choose Cadence as their preferred supplier for:

  • Complex machined components
  • Precision tube fabrication
  • Blades, anvils, and end effectors
  • Advanced laser processing - welding, cutting, and marking
  • Microstamping and molding
  • Cleanroom manufacturing & assembly
  • Innovative automation
  • Supply chain management

Robotic assisted surgery is allowing patients the ability to have a faster recovery with improved outcomes, and Cadence is proud to be a part of helping patients get better faster.

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