In May 2019, Cadence, Inc. announced the acquisition of the assets of Arcor Laser Services, LLC.  Arcor is a leader in laser processing, providing customers with advanced laser welding, laser cutting, machining, marking, and micro-drilling services.

A Dedicated Facility for Laser Processing

Arcor specializes in precision laser welding, cutting, marking, drilling, and machining, as well as turnkey systems integration. Arcor is also a leading expert in the integration of laser processes into Swiss machining centers, enabling complex fabrication at a lower cost. The company is located in Suffield, Connecticut and consists of two facilities totaling 30,000 square feet.

Precision Laser Welding

Cadence now offers consistently precise, reliable, high-quality welds for a wide range of materials including precision laser welding for medical and other applications. Our experience and expertise, combined with the latest technologies, allows us to perform precise laser welding at great speed and efficiency, as well as repeatability.

Laser Cutting

Our laser cutting solutions are fast, flexible and cost-effective while providing a considerably better-finished result than other processes. In industries where precision is a high priority and quality is essential, it can be a tremendous production asset. The laser is so fast and repeatable that it is perfect for use with high production volumes, creating a highly competitive solution for your application.

Laser Drilling

The laser drilling process is an inexpensive alternative to mechanical drilling, and very adaptable for small holes with large depth to diameter ratios. Laser drilling provides a repeatable, accurate hole that can be customized for all types of manufacturing industries. Laser drilling provides consistency for industries having manufacturing specifications that require tight tolerance for high depth-to-diameter ratios. The process can provide dynamic changes of hole diameter, depth and edge quality. Shaped holes of almost unlimited geometry are now possible producing unique benefits previously unobtainable by conventional processing techniques.

LaserSwiss Machining

Our LaserSwiss machining capability combines 6-axis Swiss machining and laser cutting in one process and eliminates many manufacturing restrictions. You get the productivity of Swiss machining PLUS precise cuts from the laser cutter without having to move the part to another machine. 

Our full-service contract manufacturing capabilities are designed to support the highest levels of quality, efficiency and precision in the industry.

Laser Marking 

Our laser marking capabilities bring added value, and high precision to support our welding, cutting and drilling capabilities, particularly in industries such as the medical, firearms and aerospace categories, where precision, reproducibility, and repeatability are essential.  Our capabilities include light or deep marking, customized to meet the need of each application.

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