An image of collection of Trocars medical tools.A trocar is a sharp, pointed instrument that provides access into the body. It acts as a passageway for instruments and usually consists of an integrated cannula (a hollow tube). Some of the trocar styles include sharpened "pyramid" tips, with three cutting surfaces to cut the tissue, single-bladed or flat tip trocars, "dilating" trocars, and non-bladed - or blunt trocars. These critical components are used in many medical devices for Cardiovascular, Endoscopic, Orthopedic, Ophthalmic, and General Surgery procedures. Trocars are typically used to gain access into an area of the body. In addition to these types of devices and procedures, there are many new MIS techniques under development that require sharp edges, bevels, or other sharp features on trocars for optimized results.

Trocars - A trocar, a sharp instrument with a point shaped like a three-sided pyramid, is used to access the inside of blood vessels, bones or body cavities. It's usually inserted within a tube and used primarily for introducing that tube into the body. Because of the puncturing action of the point, the point must be extremely sharp and all three sides must be of uniform size and sharpness. It's imperative that a trocar produce an unvarying puncture incision to initiate any other medical equipment or instruments.

Any medical procedure that involves cutting tissue is a delicate operation that demands the right equipment. With Cadence's unique combination of history and progress, tried and true methods are coupled with innovative research. The result is Cadence's ability to assure its customers the highest quality trocars and other medical instruments.

Sharpening Techniques of the Trocar 

- Due to the importance of keeping a trocar sharp, Cadence offers many services to its clients. These include everything from stamping and heat treating materials to electro-chemical deburring and electrochemical edge enhancement. All of these state-of-the-art techniques are used to provide the absolute finest, sharpest and most reliable blades for the trocar or other medical devices. Cadence is a MDEA Award winner.


Because of the variation of sizes and shapes of the trocar, Cadence's customization process is an attractive option for original equipment manufacturers. Whether it's a flat blade or pointed pyramid-shaped blade, Cadence will meet an OEM client's individual needs using only the finest quality material, coating and sharpening techniques. 

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