Surgical Blades

 (aka Medical Blades)Surgical blade used in special surgical instrument. are some of the more demanding critical components offered by Cadence. A custom surgical blade is tough to produce with the high level of sharpness required for cutting human tissue.

  • Cadence has been selected by many of the world's largest medical device manufacturers to produce custom surgical blades (or medical blades) for a range of MIS applications.
  • Cadence can manufacture a medical blade to customer-supplied specifications, which are protected by our strict employee code of confidentiality.
  • Cadence offers various types of custom surgical or medical sharps, including custom scalpel blades and special microtome knives used for the finest cutting needs. 
  • Many improved outcomes have been made available to the patient through clever surgical blade design and medical knife design in new MIS devices.

Our flexible manufacturing processes enable device designers to fully leverage all of their possible ideas. When superior cutting or piercing performance is required for a device to be a functional success, we are the partner of choice for your custom surgical or medical sharps.

Ceramic Blades

 too - Ceramic blades are a relatively new advancement in the medical device industry.  The medical field is constantly changing, and the medical instrument industry must change with it. At Cadence, the desire to bring clients the latest innovations drives research and development labs to perform. In addition to the production of numerous cutting instruments such as scalpels, scissors and endoscopic instruments, Cadence also offers a wide range of production materials including ceramic blades.


Custom surgical blades are now used in many special tools.Cadence uses Zirconia Ceramic, which is able to create extremely sharp blades that can last up to 100 times longer than traditional stainless-steel cutting blades. Although ceramic is not recommended for uses that can result in heavy shock to the blade, ceramic cutting blades are also known for their lack of corrosion and non-magnetic properties.

Ceramic Blades

Cutting Blades

 - In the medical field, instruments can be just as important as techniques and personnel. That's why Cadence has devoted itself to creating the ultimate cutting blades specifically for minimally invasive surgery techniques. Because of the special nature of these surgeries, Cadence has identified the need for medical devices that are as specific as the procedure. Cutting blades for ophthalmic, endoscopic and cardiovascular surgeries are just some of the many uses for Cadence cutting blades.


With a history of creating razors and other cutting blades, Cadence has capitalized on that technology to create razor-sharp surgical cutting blades and other sharpened medical instruments. Surgical blades, trocars, and surgical scissors are among the company's specialties. Holding patents for original sharpening techniques, Cadence proudly produces the sharpest cutting blades on the market.

Medical Razor Blades

 - With more minimally invasive surgical techniques being tested in the medical field come demands for smaller and sharper medical devices. Cadence has answered those demands by producing medical razor blades for procedures in multiple disciplines, including cardiovascular surgery, endoscopic procedures and plastic surgery. With years of experience in the razor and shaving blade market, Cadence was able to adapt its technology and success and apply it to the medical instrument field.


With multiple potential manufacturing materials available, Cadence takes standard razor blade technology of stamping and heat treating and applies medical-grade deburring and sharpening to create high-quality medical razor blades. Using techniques such as electrochemical edge enhancement, Cadence is able to produce single- and double-beveled edge as well as chisel-edged medical razor blades.

Medical Razor Blades Made to Client Specifications

 - Since Cadence specializes only in medical blades, OEMs can custom-order medical razor blades to meet the specifications of their existing equipment or the specifications of their clients. Medical razor blades can be manufactured in various sizes and with varying degrees of sharpness as well as with a range of blade shapes.


Unlike other medical instrument companies, incision instruments and blades are all Cadence produces. This allows the company to focus on manufacturing and produce specialty products. Combine advanced technology with fast quotes, quick product turnaround, custom packaging, speedy shipping and a satisfaction-guaranteed policy, and it's obvious why Cadence is a leading supplier of medical razor blades and other surgical instruments for original equipment manufacturers. 

Surgical Steel Knife Blade

 - Tried and true, surgical-quality stainless steel has been the material of choice for medical devices for years. Cadence's surgical steel knife blades are the leaders in the field because of the range of products available and the quality of their materials--but especially due to the difference that Cadence can offer in terms of sharpness.


With knife blades being manufactured for use in all areas of minimally invasive surgery, Cadence takes the model of the conventional surgical steel knife blade up a notch. By offering state-of-the-art techniques such as electrochemical deburring and laser cutting and laser welding, it allows for the sharpest and smoothest precision surgical steel knife blades available.

Advancements in Surgical Steel Knife Blades

 - Not all stainless surgical steel is the same. That's why Cadence provides clients with a choice of stainless steel for the knife blades it manufactures. With 300 series stainless steel, Cadence is able to offer the best in corrosion resistance and a high degree of strength all in a non-magnetic knife blade perfect for most surgical functions. The 400 series are even more durable than the 300 series, and can be sharpened to razor-blade quality precision.


For those clients who want the best Cadence has to offer, 17-4 and 17-7 PH stainless steels are also available. These surgical steel knife blades are the most corrosive-resistant and shock-resistant of the stainless steels, offering extreme edge strength. Coatings are also available to further strengthen surgical steel knife blades. Coatings include silicone, perylene, and PTFE, which adds even more corrosion and wear resistance to surgical steel knife blades. 

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