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If you need specialty needles, you don't want to trust their manufacturing to just any company. As with any medical or surgical device, quality and performance are of the utmost importance when it comes to ensuring a good outcome for patients. People's lives and health depend upon the precision of the instruments that are used on them.

At Cadence, we make specialty needles for the OEM new product development teams. We focus on making specialty needles perform better. Our sharpening technology is second-to-none. In fact, you won't find any specialty needles that are more durable and precise than the ones we manufacture.

We even have the capability to develop a prototype cutting instrument for OEM customers who need something new and innovative. We're always looking for new ways to improve cutting technology in order to stay at the top of our industry and we're ready to help you with all of your specialty needle needs today.

Cadence lowers penetration force for custom needle / introducer application

-  A start-up surgical device company was having problems getting a custom needle / introducer to penetrate the tissue properly during general surgery. The mechanical design of the device dictated that the special needle penetrate the tissue with minimum deflection and tissue damage so as to aid in the healing process.

The initial production lot of needles, which handled the most critical function of the new device, was made in-house in the model shop, but the needles lacked the level of sharpness required for the wound closure device to function properly.

Cadence was contacted to evaluate current needles in the IncisionLab™and get the devices functioning asap. Using rapid prototyping capability new needles were produced using an alternative edge generation process. The new process consisted of precision grinding the points of the needles and performing a final finishing process using a new and proprietary electro-chemical process.

Results for the start-up company were dramatic! The problems associated with the high penetration force and tissue deflection were totally eliminated along with any concern for tissue damage.

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