Specialty Blades

We are the Specialty Blade Experts!


Since 1985, Cadence has pursued a single goal: surpassing customer expectations by redefining blade performance standards.  Our ability to optimize blade performance through innovative technologies helps you achieve higher performance, longer-lasting blades with less downtime and improved quality.  Our blades are engineered to outlast and outperform! 

Blade technology is our core competency.  Cadence is committed to continually seeking new methods of manufacturing and sharpening to build higher-performance, longer-lasting blades for our customers.  

Industrial applications

We utilize a proprietary CNC sharpening process to manufacture razor-sharp, made-to-order cutting blades for many industrial applications, including:

  • Blow molding and flash trimming
  • Cable cutting and stripping
  • Computerized plotting and sign manufacturing
  • Fiber and textile chopping and manufacturing
  • Film, foil, paper converting
  • Food processing
  • Medical valve slitting and tube cutting
  • Packaging
  • Plastic extrusion
  • Plastic pelletizing
  • Precision hand tools

If you have a blade need, Cadence has the solution!  For more information, visit our new Cadence Blades website.

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