Devices Manufactured Using Hypotube Technologies


Sharpened Tubes & Hypotubes for Medical DevicesTissue cutters are very critical components used in many medical devices for procedures, such as a coronary bypass. Sharpened tubes are also used in biopsy devices and other tissue sampling procedures, such as corneal and cartilage harvesting. Many hair transplant instruments also use these types of components. In addition to these types of devices and procedures, there are many new MIS techniques under development that require sharp edges, bevels, or other sharp features on the ends or sides of tubes.

Our tissue cutters and sharpened tubes prove to be much sharper than other manufacturers due to the unique and proprietary combination of our CNC sharpening and Electro-chemical Edge Enhancement.

Hypotubes are the backbone of most minimally invasive surgical tools.

Cadence has best-in-class technologies and processes for the manufacture of precise and customized hypotubes.

These hypotube technologies are supported by a company and a customer-focused team with over 90 years of hypotube fabrication experience.

We have also just added the newest, most advanced laser-cutting technologies for the cleanest and most precise custom cuts and finishes.

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