Knife assemblies are a very common and critical part on many surgical devices.An image of a surgical knife part.

Our core competence centers around supply of these types of sharpened products.

The most recent innovations in surgical devices demand sophisticated machining technologies that can create complex I-Beam shaped knife bar assemblies and other shapes, like J-Beam and T-shaped knife assemblies.  Our expertise in 3-dimensional part creation enables us to provide any shape knife assembly for surgery that is needed to improve the performance of a medical device.

These products require:

  • sharps manufacturing expertise
  • sharps handling expertise
  • joining expertise in laser welding or over-molding

We have these core capabilities in house and use them daily to provide complex knife assemblies for surgical devices.

Disposable Surgical Knives

 - Because minimally invasive surgeries are becoming regularly scheduled procedures and are no longer the exception, the attention to surgical instruments has needed reevaluation as well. With surgeons performing numerous operations a day with little time for instrument sterilization and even less time for maintenance, disposable surgical knives are now a way for surgeons to maintain clean, sharp tools in their grasp at all times.


For Cadence, the production of disposable surgical knives presents another opportunity to prove the company's strength in the field. Disposable surgical knives from Cadence allow for original equipment manufacturers to develop knife handles while still getting high-quality blades to match. Cadence is able to offer clients customized products without sacrificing their high-performance consistence.

The Point of Disposable Surgical Knives - When considering a cutting instrument, it's necessary to evaluate the edge and the point. With disposable surgical knives, both cutting surfaces are of extreme importance.Cadence design sharpens knives with a machining and grinding process that can produce multiple variations on the standard blade point, including tri-pointed, arrowhead, conical and flat pointed knives.

Furthermore, the cutting edge itself can be sharpened and shaped so that the blade is chiseled or beveled. The final cutting edge finishing can be done using an electrochemical edge enhancement process. No matter what the process, the result is always a custom designed surgical incision tool capable of the most rigorous procedure. Disposable or not, it gets the job done flawlessly. 

Knife Blades

 - Surgical knife blades are used in a variety of medical procedures, and Cadence has devoted itself to being the leading manufacturer of knife blades for OEMs around the country. Cadence medical knife blades can be used in minimally invasive surgeries in the ophthalmic field as well as in endoscopic surgeries. In addition, arthroscopic surgeries, laparoscopic procedures and diagnostic procedures such as biopsies all call for specialized medical knife blades.


The Cadence advantage is obvious when it comes to variety of knife blades on offer. In addition to the knife blades that are a component of standard stainless steel scalpels, Cadence also produces blades for disposable scalpels and curettes. Blades for harmonic scalpels with ultrasonic tips are another innovation that Cadence is proud to offer.

Keeping Knife Blades Sharp the Cadence Way

 - Since Cadence takes pride in the design and manufacturing of knife blades for original equipment manufacturers, the company also works to keep those blades the sharpest in the industry. By offering numerous sharpening methods, Cadence is able to apply the most efficient technique to a specific product. With two patents for proprietary sharpening techniques, Cadence offers knife blades that are a cut above the rest.


With Cadence's "IncisionLab™", also known as the Center of Excellence, the company is able to offer multiple methods of manufacturing custom knife blades to customer specifications. Cadence's lab does its own stamping, machining and heat treating with a rigorous quality control process that produces a top-notch knife blade. Their on-site sharpening, pointing and electrochemical edge enhancement are just a few of the ways that Cadence takes that product to the next level.

Surgical Knife

 - One of the fastest growing procedures in the medical field is minimally invasive surgery. Procedures that used to take hours and required hospital stays are now being done in clinics in a few minutes. The difference is in the technology--and a change in technology, of course, requires a change in equipment. As a part of this important shift, Cadence offers OEMs the opportunity to get involved with the sharpest surgical incision devices on the market such as the surgical knife.


Like all incision instruments, the surgical knife is a specialized cutting tool used in delicate and precise procedures. The need for this tool to be designed to specifications is imperative, and this is exactly what Cadence does. Working with clients to manufacture custom blades, Cadence guarantees client satisfaction with the surgical knife or any other incision device.

The Surgical Knife on the Table

 - Used in countless medical procedures, the surgical knife is the foundation of most surgical procedures. For the urological field, Cadence produces surgical knives used in prostatic procedures as well as in kidney stone removal. In addition, the surgical knife is widely used in obstetrics and gynecology for operations that include tubal ligation, Cesarean Section and minimally invasive hysterectomies.


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