Flat & Formed Springs Manufacturing

Custom Flat and Formed SpringsCadence manufactures custom flat and formed springs for various applications. These flat and formed springs, spring clips, leaf springs, contacts, and metals stampings can be produced out of both traditional and custom materials in a variety of shapes and sizes. Cadence also has the ability to make these parts in small quantities to high volume runs.

Our capabilities include:

  • In-house "Class A" die design and build
  • Prototype and low volume quantities
  • Quick Build Tooling (QBT) for rapid prototypes and development
  • Complex, intricate, and difficult metal stamping
  • Precision and tight tolerance metal stamping
  • Custom long and short run metal stamping
  • Microstamping for the smallest requirements

Cadence offers multi-slide and fourslide technologies.Cadence's multi-slide and fourslide technologies provide a lower tooling investment compared to conventional methods, lower material cost, more design freedom, and the elimination of secondary processes through the integration of assembly to deliver lower unit costs! Our precision stamping capabilities are modeled after the razor blade and automotive industries, where high volume demands lead to efficient coil processing methods. This set up of combined capabilities enables us to realize unique solutions for OEMs.

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