Industrial filling needles manufactured by Cadence, Inc.Industrial Filling Needles

Cadence manufactures industrial filling needles designed to dispense precise measures of liquids or gas into bladder, capsules, cartridges or other vessels.

Cadence has a wide array of capabilities and machines that allow us to collaboratively design and manufacturer components with tight tolerances; stringent no-carryover and/or zero dead volume requirements; and probes for harsh caustic environments.

Services that we offer include:

  • Assemblies--simple to complex--tight tolerance manufacturing
  • Bending & Coiling--simple to compound--Min. bending Radius with 2x tubing ID
  • EDM--Hole drilling (0.004") to standard 0.125"--laser hole drilling, notching, and slotting
  • Flaring--OD Range = 0.025" (23G) to 0.203 (6G)--Max flare diameter: 1.4 x OD
  • Finishing--Passivation, bead grit blasting, electro-polishing, coating, and laser marking
  • Grinding-- Needle and cannula grinding, surface and centerless grinding, electro-chemical grinding (ECG)
  • Hypodermic Tubing Services--custom tubing and extensive inventory of 304/316 steel tubing and wire
  • Joining--laser welding, TIG welding, oven brazing, brazing/soldering, gluing
  • Machining--Precision, CNC milling and turning
  • Swaging--spherical (closed-ball-end "bullet nose"), pencil point, tube tip reducing
  • Prototyping--concept, design and feasibility analysis; in-house engineering and tooling departments

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