Custom Electrical Contacts and Assemblies

Electrical Contact AssembliesCadence manufactures custom electrical contacts that are used in a wide variety of medical device, aerospace, automotive, and commercial applications. Electrical contacts and assemblies are either bent into a shape or left flat to allow an electric current to flow. Electrical contacts and electrical contact assemblies are found in many items that rely on switches, relays, circuit breakers, motor controls, and other current-carrying devices. 

Cadence's metals manufacturing expertise combined with our numerous technologies allows us to produce electrical contacts of all sizes and geometries.

Our capabilities include:

  • Reel-to-reel technology
  • Complex, intricate, and difficult metal stampingCustom electrical contacts using reel-to-reel technology.
  • Prototype and low volume metal stamping
  • Metal stamping optimized for reel-to-reel automation and sharps processing
  • Precision and tight tolerance metal stamping
  • Custom long and short run metal stamping
  • Laser cutting and welding

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