Cutting Forceps & Dissectors Manufacturer

Cutting Forceps for Bipolar and Monopolar Electrosurgery. Cutting forceps are available in mechanical versions and in versions for bipolar and monopolar electrosurgery. A forceps is often used to coagulate, grip, dissect and manipulate tissue; a dissector is often used to cut or tear apart. Forceps styles include bayonet, cupped, cutting, dilating, grasping, punch, scoopless, serrated, and sidebiter. Additional forceps classifications include Allis, Babcock, hingeless, single-action (one moving element), double-action (two moving elements), and spoon.

Many improved outcomes have been made available to the patient through clever forceps design in new MIS devices. Our flexible manufacturing process enables device designers to fully leverage all of their possible ideas. We understand the distinctive requirements for various procedures, so every type of dissector is uniquely designed to meet those demands.

When superior cutting, piercing, or dissecting performance is required for a device to be a functional success, we are the partner of choice.

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