An image of a custom scalpel. Custom scalpels, surgical scalpel blades, and curettes are supplied by IncisionTechTM to many of the world's largest medical device manufacturers. IncisionTechTM produces custom scalpels, surgical scalpel blades, and curettes for a range of medical applications including arthroscopic, endoscopic, laparoscopic, diagnostic, ophthalmic, orthopedic, and plastic surgeries.

From custom scalpel blades to trocars to bipolar cutting forceps and endoscopic scissors, all surgical blades are manufactured to customer-supplied specifications, which are protected by our strict employee code of confidentiality. We make custom scalpel blades and special microtome knives used for the finest cutting needs. Many improved outcomes have been made available to the patient through clever custom blade design and scalpel knife design in new MIS devices.

Our flexible manufacturing process enables device designers to fully leverage all of their possible ideas. When superior cutting or piercing performance is required for a device to be a functional success, we are the partner of choice.

Disposable Scalpels

 - As original equipment manufacturers look for ways to make the production of medical devices more cost effective, the market for disposable surgical instruments has grown in leaps and bounds. Without sacrificing the quality of their blades and scalpels, Cadence is able to provide OEMs with the same extreme sharpness that's expected from all of their products.


Although the scalpels themselves are disposable, the function of the blades is not. While the handles are made of plastic or another less expensive material, the blades in disposable scalpels are of the same high quality that all of Cadence's products are known for. In addition to traditional production techniques such as stamping, grinding and laser cutting, Cadence also offers innovative manufacturing methods that include CNC sharpening, electrochemical deburring, laser cutting, and laser welding.

Designing Disposable Scalpel

s - In order to help clients determine their needs, Cadence offers design engineering assistance that starts in the IncisionLab™. Here, materials and components are tested and measured to meet client specifications. The IncisionLab™ also evaluates prototypes to improve performance and customer satisfaction through further tests of the product's durability and cutting ability.


Safety Scalpels

 - In the surgical field, scalpels are the tool of choice, and Cadence's innovative and proprietary sharpening procedures ensure that those tools are the sharpest on the market. However, with the razor-sharp edge of a Cadence blade, an amount of risk exists that can be remedied with the use of safety scalpels. Cadence can provide a variety of surgical incision blades for original equipment manufacturers that have created retractable blade safety scalpels.


With the ability to custom design scalpel blades, Cadence can manufacture blades to fit the specifications of existing handle designs. In addition, cutting edges can be designed with beveled or chiseled edges and points are customized to meet the demands each client. The ability to choose from multiple material and coating choices when ordering blades for safety scalpels, personalizes the process even further.

Customer Service and the Production of Safety Scalpels 

- Cadence's devotion to customer service can be seen in every step of the manufacturing process. Cadence begins by working with you in the design process, during which you partner with Cadence to produce the blades for safety scalpels. Cadence then employs rapid prototyping and testing to produce a finished product quickly without sacrificing quality control.


Scalpel Knife

 - The Cadence commitment to producing the highest quality incision tools on the market means one thing for its clients: satisfaction. With a 100 percent guarantee and custom design services, Cadence is able to manufacture scalpel and knife blades that are consistently considered the sharpest in the business. Whether you represent an original equipment manufacturer or individuals in the medical profession, Cadence is the only choice for your incision instrument needs.


Versions of the scalpel knife have been used in surgical procedures for centuries. But while its basic structure and use never changes, the technology and design behind the scalpel knife certainly does. Cadence is one of the companies embracing that change by enhancing the traditional scalpel with sharpening techniques perfected in razor blade production. This produces razor-sharp scalpel and knife blades that can be used in procedures where that extra degree of sharpness is highly necessary.

The Scalpel Knife in the Operating Room

 - Technological advances in the design of cutting instruments have led to advanced medical procedures, and vice-versa. Endoscopic surgeries now include electrosurgery and robotic surgery as well as minimally invasive ear, nose and throat procedures. Orthopedic surgeries such as spinal operations also require the assistance of a precisely sharp scalpel knife.


Scalpels & Blades

 - Essential tools for surgical incision, scalpels are used for a variety of surgeries and medical procedures. As surgeries change in scope; however, so do medical instruments--and Cadence has developed scalpels and blades for use in innovative minimally invasive surgeries. Scalpels and blades are a crucial component to cardiac surgery, interventional cardiovascular surgery, successful bypass surgery and cardiac transplant surgery.


In addition to cardiovascular surgery, endoscopic surgery has seen a demand for high-quality surgical scalpels and blades. Precision incision equipment is needed in procedures such as appendectomies, hernia repair, intestinal surgeries and diagnostic biopsy operations. Due partly to the efforts of companies like Cadence to manufacture small yet extremely sharp scalpels and surgical blades, these procedures have become more and more minimally invasive.

Testing Scalpels and Blades at Cadence

 - In order to offer the highest quality cutting blades, Cadence must be able to ensure consistent quality. That's why the IncisionLab™rigorously tests each product. Tests include digital imaging of edges to evaluate for roughness as well as microscopic analysis of the points and tips of scalpels and blades. Materials are also tested for durability, strength and cutting performance.


Surgical Scalpels

 - At Cadence, there are two mottos attached to the company. A "Center of Excellence" and "Innovation at Work." Both of those statements give accurate insight into what Cadence is all about. With incision instruments as a priority, the company's ability to manufacture the highest quality surgical scalpels is second to none.


Awarded patents for their processes, Cadence really is on the "cutting edge" of the medical incision instrument field. When this progressive attitude is applied to its surgical scalpels, the result is a tool that can be used in the most modern procedures. Both surgeons and original equipment manufacturers have come to appreciate the fact that Cadence lives up to its company's beliefs.

Surgical Scalpels on the Front Lines

 - Surgical scalpels have always been a part of surgeries. However, it is partly through Cadence innovation that new ways of using surgical scalpels are being discovered. With a rise in minimally invasive surgeries has come a need for surgical scalpels that are smaller, sharper and more precise. This is where Cadence has applied its mottos and made important contributions to the field.


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