Complex sub-assemblies used in medical devices.Complex Sub-Assemblies for Innovative Devices

Anyone can make the easy stuff. At Cadence, we pride ourselves in making the tough stuff. Most sophisticated devices have a high level of complexity that dictates ultimate success in the operating room. 

It’s the 80/20 rule, where 20% of the complex parts are responsible for 80% of the final success. We make the 20% that is complex and not because it is easy, but because we know we are patients, too.

Our processes for sub-assemblies are optimized using leading edge joining capabilities.

Laser welding expertise:

  • 5-axis control for the most complex laser welding requirements
  • cleanroom laser welding, if needed

Overmolding and Insert molding expertise:

  • sharps handling expertise
  • cleanroom injection molding capability for use, when needed

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