Aortic punches and vessel cutters require razor sharp edges.Aortic punches and vessel cutters are critical components used in many medical devices for procedures, such as coronary bypass. Aortic punches and vessel cutters are also used in biopsy devices and other tissue sampling procedures, such as corneal and cartilage harvesting. Many hair transplant instruments also use these types of components. In addition to these types of devices and procedures, there are many new MIS techniques under development that require sharp edges, bevels, or other sharp features on the ends or sides of tubes.

Aortic Punch

 -  The aortic punch is used by heart surgeons to create a hole in the wall of the aorta for the purpose of attaching another blood vessel in a bypass grafting surgery. Crucial to the success of a bypass operation, the aortic punch needs to be sturdy yet sharp to maximize its effectiveness. Creating a precise circular opening from approximately 2.8 mm to 6.0 mm, it is a specific tool for a specific purpose.

Although bypass surgery is a major procedure, the right tools can assist in making an operation run smoothly. By using a custom Cadence aortic punch, an OEM new product design team can give the cardiovascular surgeon better control over the size, material and protective coating that best suits his or her needs.

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