Cadence Expands CNC Electrochemical Grinding Technology

Cadence recently expanded its Electrochemical Grinding (ECG) technology at the Cranston, Rhode Island facility.  The latest equipment uses high precision, burr-free grinding with CNC control.  This enables robust processing of harder materials such as spring tempered steel and heat treated stainless steel for profile grinding- shavers and related products.

 “This latest technology allows us to produce high precision, burr-free point grinding, as well as complex geometries with a cost effective process for our customers,” stated John Rose, Senior Project Engineer at Cadence RI.  “Some of our current operations such as tube cutting, stylet notch cuts, and trocar tip forms are now burr free in one efficient process.”

The new ECG technology also allows grinding to extremely tight tolerances and very low cutting forces for thin wall parts.  Furthermore, Cadence can cut almost all types of metals burr-free with this new technology. 

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