Cadence Completes Expansion for PEEK Machining and Molding

Cadence recently completed the expansion of its machining capabilities to include Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) machining and molding capabilities as the use of PEEK components continues to rise in implantable medical devices.

Our dedicated PEEK cell enables us to provide our customers with machined prototypes and low volume production parts for new designs, as well as molded components for high volume production. Our parts are manufactured using no cutting fluids; therefore, they are machined dry to keep burrs to a minimum and to reduce the risk of contaminants.

“We have been producing PEEK components for many years,” stated Ric Medeiros, Engineering Manager at Cadence’s Rhode Island facility. “The new PEEK cell further demonstrates our commitment to our customers by investing in technologies, and in this case, for the advancement of implantable medical devices.”

In addition to the new PEEK machining and molding capabilities, Cadence also specializes in CNC Machining, Swiss Machining, Screw Machining, Micro Machining, and LaserSwiss Machining – manufacturing millions of parts per year.

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