An Ophthalmic camera image.Ophthalmic procedures are becoming very complex as the technology continues to drive innovative techniques. Cadence is becoming the supplier of choice for custom incision components used in the ophthalmic market. Our growing level of experience in this market allows us to work closely with medical device OEMs in a way that fully enables innovative and highly specialized ophthalmic solutions.

Cadence acts as a trusted OEM partner in developing, manufacturing and assembling numerous cutting and piercing components and assemblies used in the newest ophthalmic procedures.

These ophthalmic procedures demand components with the highest sharpness, precision, and reliability. These products are often manufactured from the most specialized metals. Our customers come to us looking for the knowledge base we have surrounding incision technology and find our “Center of Excellence” for incision applications to be compelling and a cornerstone of future partnerships. From concept through commercialization, the following services enable designers to innovate, iterate, and create with the speed required to bring a new device to the market ahead of the competition:

  • Cutting Edge Technology Focus (grinding, machining, electrochemical, sharpening, etc.) - Cutting edge geometries
  • Point Technology Focus (electro-chemical, machining, grinding, pointing, etc.) - Point geometries
  • Micro Manufacturing Focus (laser, EDM, sharpening etc.)
  • Micro Measurement Lab
  • Cut Force & Penetration Testing
  • Sharpness measurement
  • Value Added Sub-assemblies
    • Laser Welding
    • Overmolding
  • Rapid Prototyping (1-week delivery)
  • Precision Machining
  • Custom Packaging

Ophthalmic Instruments - Today's advances in ophthalmic surgery demand advances in ophthalmic instruments, as well. As technology discovers how to perform new procedures, instruments for doing those procedures must progress. Cadence leads the way in blades and cutting tools specifically designed for new ophthalmic procedures, with ophthalmic instruments that meet the very specialized needs for sharp and definitive tools.

Ophthalmic procedures are varied and require a diverse set of specifically designed ophthalmic instruments. The blades for these procedures need to be exceptionally sharp and strong. Cadence produces blades for ophthalmic instruments including keratomes, which can be used in procedures such as cataract extractions, and corneal trephine blades, which are used in corneal graft surgeries. All ophthalmic procedures require delicate accuracy and precision—and that's just what Cadence delivers.

Ophthalmic Instruments and Satisfaction - Choosing the right material for ophthalmic instruments can be difficult. Cadence assists clients by providing multiple materials to choose from. For example, Cadence offers 300 and 400 series stainless steel. The 300 series stainless steel is an ideal choice for corrosion protection and shock resistance, whereas the 400 series is stronger and more durable, allowing for an even sharper blade. Whatever your needs, Cadence is there to meet them.

Cadence creates niche in ophthalmic market for super sharp, lower volume razor blade product - A leading ophthalmic instrument OEM was looking for a supplier for razor blades that could be used in a new ophthalmic instrument. It is very common for standard razor blade product to be purchased and modified to fit the needs of a special cutting device. However, in this case, the needs of the new instrument were such that no standard razor blade could be found and purchased for modification and no razor blade manufacturer was interested in custom making a small quantity of parts for this very special application.

The OEM partnered with Cadence in the development of a custom razor blade, designed specifically for this new device. Even though the annual volume requirements were small, the manufacturing processes developed and applied at Cadence enabled a very cost effective means to produce a high performing product.

Results for the OEM were impressive! The problems associated with sourcing a standard razor blade, only to have to modify it for a specific need, were eliminated.

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