Innovative Manufacturing Solutions for the Medical and Surgical Device Markets

Medical markets and surgical device markets demand very high operational and quality excellence coupled with technological innovation.

Cadence supplies advanced products, technologies, and services to medical markets and surgical device markets worldwide.

Cadence is ranked among the top companies providing outsourced design and manufacturing solutions for advanced surgical devices and medical devices.

The products we develop for medical OEMs combine outstanding performance and versatile design, providing advantages no other contract manufacturer can, such as:

  • Comprehensive Project Management
  • Critical Component Cost Management
  • Proprietary Sharps Processing Technology
  • Performance Testing - Center of Excellence
  • Best in Class Total Value

Cadence provides unmatched expertise in the crucial area of new product conceptualization, allowing our OEM partners to leverage our knowledge and abilities to obtain better outcomes for patients.

Cadence’s reputation as the market expert for advanced systems for medical applications comes from our deep commitment to performance and innovation. 

Key areas for innovation in medical and surgical markets include:

  • Interventional therapy - Many new treatments are being developed that will be done on an outpatient basis, and possibly in the doctor's office. These treatments include therapies for many diseases, such as cancer, and are referred to as "interventional therapies". Interventional therapies also include medical procedures like heart stent placement that are often performed using interventional radiology. Interventional therapy offers non-invasive methods to help treat patients that are less likely to cause major trauma to body tissues and organs. It allows for faster healing processes and treatments, such as removing foreign bodies and embolisms. Our newest technologies are focused on the minimally or non-invasive medical procedures that will enable future success in this evolving interventional therapy treatment area.


  • Minimally invasive surgery - also known as mini-laparoscopy, has created a specialized field that demands very small specialized instruments. These 2mm instruments or 3mm instruments can include scalpels and surgical blades and specialized devices like trocars and punches. Specializing in these types of mini-laparoscopy instruments, Cadence takes pride in its position as suppliers of blades for these innovative procedures. 2mm instruments and 3mm instruments are now doing the surgical work that the larger 5mm to 15mm instruments used to do. Recently there's been a rise of minimally invasive options for plastic surgery, knee surgeries and even formerly major operations like gallbladder removal and endoscopic surgery of the spine. With these medical breakthroughs come breakthroughs in medical tools, and Cadence leads the way in endoscopic instruments. While many surgical instruments designed for conventional open surgeries have been adapted to endoscopic use, Cadence works with OEMs to design instruments specifically for minimally invasive procedures.

Cadence's dedication to Minimally Invasive Instruments for Minilaparoscopy - While minimally invasive surgeries may be considered surgery on a smaller scale, more attention is given to the construction of instruments used in these procedures. As a result of more specific requirements, the industry has had to change with the progress and Cadence is a good example of what is being done. With a dedication to product design and development, Cadence can claim to be a leader in the field. Whether it's a sharper tool, a more durable material, or a non-corrosive coating alternative, Cadence can custom design minimally invasive instruments to meet your unique specifications. Just as patients expect surgeons to be specialists in their fields, surgeons should expect their instruments to be created by specialists. Speak with the Cadence team about minimally invasive instruments today.

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