A collection of surgery tools.At Cadence, we're confident that our aerospace, defense, and firearms products are the finest on the market, offering unsurpassed durability, quality, and cost-effectiveness. Our customers range from small manufacturing plants to worldwide companies.

What makes our products unique? Since our company's inception in 1985, we have crafted custom products for nearly any conceivable application.

Because of our ability to create precision products of any shape or size - and the wide range of materials at our disposal - Cadence has grown along with our customers. And we will continue to stay ahead of the pack. We're responsive to our customers' needs and are eager to get creative to fulfill unusual requirements.

  • Aerospace - At Cadence, we provide full-service manufacturing solutions for Aerospace OEMs around the world.  Our expertise in precision metal stamping, machining, laser welding, injection molding, and sharpening are just some of the capabilities that keep our Aerospace customers coming back to Cadence for mission critical products.
  • Defense - Cadence has many years of experience producing highly technical components to support the military. Our manufactured components, including electrical connectors, actuators, and non-coil springs have been used in such military applications as cluster bombs, landmines, and hand grenades. Industry leaders such as General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, Day & Zimmerman, and Alliant Tech Systems (ATK) count on Cadence for these applications.
  • Firearms - We custom manufacture many items for OEMs, including magazine and receiver components.  We also manufacturer trigger bar, pistol, and other rifle components and assemblies.

Browse our site and you'll see we serve a broad selection of industries and markets.  We're flexible, savvy, and offer quick turnaround when it comes time to create prototypes—ask about our Quick Build Tooling (QBT) or rapid prototyping to deliver parts fast! 

Our customers continue to come back to us for our repeatable quality and precision.

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