Our Medical Device Partner in the United Kingdom, Europe, and Israel:

MedNet GmbH

Borkstraße 10, 48163 Münster, Germany

Phone: +49 251 322660

Website: https://www.medneteurope.com/

Our Industrial Blades Distributors:


Durham Duplex

Distributors in U.K., Europe, Southeast Asia

Email: endurium@durham-duplex.co.uk

Website: www.durham-duplex.com




Distributors in Mexico                                         

Email: ventas@pfeifer.com.mx

Website: https://www.pfeifer.com.mx/


Our Industrial Blades Representative:



Representative for South America                      

Email: natalie@metatechbr.com

Website: http://metatechbr.com/en/

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