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Cadence in Münster, Germany

Cadence, Inc. -- A Medical Device Manufacturing Company in Münster

Cadence location in Münster, Germany.

Cadence, Inc. - Münster, Germany
Borkstraße 10, 48163
Münster, Germany

Telephone:  +49 251 32266-0

Cadence, Inc. is proud to partner with MedNet GmbH, headquartered in Münster, Germany, to provide full-service contract manufacturing solutions to our medical device customers located in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, and Israel. With a dedicated team of medical device experts, OEMs in these regions benefit from Cadence’s 35+ years of experience, providing advanced products using the latest technologies and innovations.

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About Cadence, Inc.

With MedNet GmbH’s dedication and competence as a medical device and pharmaceutical provider, Cadence can expand its service region. As a European company with headquarters in Germany, MedNet offers a broad portfolio with extensive knowledge in medical applications. 

Our partnership with MedNet enables us to provide advanced products, services, and technologies to medical device and diagnostics companies worldwide. Our services range from initial design through manufacturing and full supply chain management of specialty metal components, complex sub-assemblies, and finished devices.

Choosing Cadence Inc. As Your Medical Device Manufacturer in Germany

Cadence’s collaboration with MedNet GmbH opens new doors for collaborative and innovative solutions. As a medical device manufacturer in Münster, Germany, our products and services are now accessible across various supply chains. We are excited to demonstrate why we are a leading supplier of advanced products, technologies, and services to medical companies worldwide.

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Medical Device Products that Cadence Manufactures

Medical device products that Cadence manufactures in Munster, Germany.Cadence Inc. is a German medical device company that provides numerous products suited to fit your specific needs. Our technologically-advanced methods offer medical device OEMs custom, high-quality products, tailored to their specifications.

Manufacturing Specialty Blades for Medical Devices in Germany

Cadence is a medical device blade manufacturer in Germany. Our ability to enhance specialty blade performance through state-of-the-art technologies helps your new product achieve higher performance with improved quality. Blade manufacturing technologies are one of our main core competencies. At Cadence, we are committed to continually seeking new methods of manufacturing and sharpening to build higher-performance, longer-lasting blades for our customers.

Durable and Precise Specialty Needles in Münster for Medical Devices

In addition to specialty blades, Cadence’s other core competency is the production of specialty needles. We continuously seek out more advanced methods of manufacturing that allow us to consistently produce high-quality and long-lasting needles. With Cadence’s specialty needles, you don’t have to worry about performance because we only provide the best.

Producing Reliable Aortic Punches in Münster

Aortic punches are typically used in procedures such as cardiovascular or bypass surgery. With the superior technology provided by Cadence, the cardiovascular surgeon is afforded better control over the size, material, and protective coating of the aortic punch. This highly-specialized and custom fabrication process can be the difference you need to properly perform these surgeries.

Tube Fabrication and Laser Cutting in Germany

Cadence offers various tube fabrication and laser cutting solutions in Münster, Germany for customers’ complex requirements. We provide a suite of metals manufacturing capabilities that complement tube fabrication, allowing us to provide high-precision tubing products that have extraordinary capabilities.

Medical Device Tube Fabrication Solutions

Precision laser tube cutting and tube fabrication for medical devices.Cadence manufactures medical tubes using many techniques including manual, semi-automated, and fully-automated options. With this combination of techniques, Cadence can fabricate medical device tubes for any number of needs. These options include coiling, welding, notching, flaring and flanging, piercing and slotting, swaging, electropolishing, and customized assembly solutions. Through our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, Cadence can design and develop a high-quality product that is long-lasting and dependable.

Precise Laser Tube Cutting for Medical Devices

Cadence provides laser tube cutting for medical devices in Münster. Through the use of advanced laser cutting technologies, we can provide the cleanest and most precise custom cuts and finishes for your tubes. Our tissue cutters and sharpened tubes prove to be much sharper than other manufacturers due to the unique and proprietary combination of our laser cutting, CNC sharpening, and Electro-chemical Edge Enhancement.

Surgical and Endoscopic Scissors in Münster

Cadence's position at the forefront of medical instrument production for minimally invasive surgeries is evident in its manufacturing of surgical and endoscopic scissors. These are used for delicately cutting tissue in surgical procedures as they are durable, corrosion-resistant, and—most importantly—sharp.

High-Quality Surgical Scissors for Medical Professionals

When it comes to surgical scissors, a high-quality, durable, and shock-resistant option is necessary. Depending on the medical field, surgeons need different levels of durability and resistance. Within our IncisionLab™, the team at Cadence can understand the needs of our clients and manufacture surgical scissors which meet the requirements for minimally invasive surgical procedures and traditional surgeries. This market-leading manufacturing method leads to a high-quality product that meets our client’s demands. 

Customized Endoscopic Scissors

Unlike traditional surgical scissors that are large and cumbersome, Cadence has developed endoscopic scissors with razor-sharp blades. With state-of-the-art technology, we have been able to create precision endoscopic scissors that are more efficient than traditional scissors. We offer several endoscopic scissor configurations including bent, curved, hooked, large, small, and straight. Each of these options provides the client with the ability to choose a design style that suits their needs.

Custom machining solutions for medical device OEMs.What else does Cadence offer?

Our Extensive Product Offering Consists of:

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Cadence Offers Contract Manufacturing Services for OEMs

Cadence, Inc. works with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to provide them with high-quality designs, products, and services. OurThe team of experts at Cadence hashave the capabilities to complete every step of the manufacturing process. From design and development to sterilization management, our team will work with you to create products that work for your needs. 

Cadence manufactures specialty products for OEM customers to meet unique industry challenges. We serve as a "single source" contract manufacturing partner for anything from sophisticated components and subassemblies to finished devices.

Innovative Medical Device Design and Development

Medical Device Design & DevelopmentCadence’s engineering and new product development teams utilize expanded manufacturing capabilities that enable us to provide unique solutions for our customers’ difficult-to-manufacture products. We utilize the latest technologies and processing techniques.

We provide several design and development services for OEMs looking for a manufacturing partner for medical devices. This includes everything from product development, design for manufacturing, prototyping, testing, or manufacturing, we take care of our customers every step of the way. When you partner with Cadence, you are opening your business up to a team of product developers that augment OEM development and product launching.

Innovative Custom Automation and Assembly

When you have a product vision, operating within the confines of a pre-fabricated system can make it difficult for the vision to become a reality. With Cadence’s help, you can design and build your automation and assembly equipment that brings your product to life without limitation. With each step of the automation and assembly process, we take the time to understand your medical device needs and manufacture equipment that provides you with results. 

Maintaining Requirements with Cleanroom Manufacturing and Assembly

Cadence performs manufacturing in true Certified Cleanrooms. In order to become a Certified Cleanroom, you must be dedicated to ongoing environmental monitoring and maintenance. This is then verified through independent certification. Since medical devices need to be commercialized using robust cleanroom manufacturing practices, it is best to choose a manufacturer that uses a Certified Cleanroom.

Cadence has certifications including: 

  • Class 7 (10,000) Certified Cleanroom
  • Class 8 (100,000) Certified Cleanroom
  • Cleanroom Injection and Insert Molding
  • FDA Registered
  • ISO 13485
  • ISO 9001

We offer Certified Cleanrooms at our Münster, Germany facility for our customers' manufacturing and final assembly requirements. In addition, we offer testing/inspection, packaging and labeling, and sterilization management of finished medical devices.

Thorough Medical Device Testing & Inspection

Medical device manufacturing places OEMs in a unique position. You want to create an innovative new tool for medical professionals, but you also want to ensure the product is safe for all users and patients. Cadence takes the time to thoroughly and accurately test the end-product under a range of real-life conditions. This ensures that your medical device performs as expected in the field and fulfills any industry quality and safety requirements and regulations.

Going Above and Beyond with Medical Packaging and Labeling

In addition to our other services, Cadence goes above and beyond by designing and developing innovative packaging solutions. Within the medical field, sterile and reliable surgical instruments are a necessity. To ensure that your newly developed products reach you or your customers in the appropriate condition, we offer packaging and labeling services. Our packaging and labeling services include pouching, labeling, sealing, shrink-wrapping, and boxing. These solutions allow us to control packaging/labeling procedures and maintain regulatory compliance. 

Packaging and labeling of finished medical devicesOur Dedication to Customers through Sterilization Management 

When customers work with Cadence, Inc., they can expect the best products and services. Our sterilization management solution is just one of the many ways we are dedicated to providing that. The importance of sterilization management of medical devices cannot be overstressed. When your product needs to be handled in a sterile environment, you can count on Cadence to provide superior sterilization management.

Unparalleled Medical Device Supply Chain Management in Germany

Designing, developing, handling, and packaging products are a few of the many stages of product development. With the help of Cadence, you can streamline the supply chain and simplify the overall development process. Our various teams work together and collaborate through all stages of a product launch, meaning all communications are efficient and accurate. 

In addition, Cadence is in a unique position to help OEMs with supply requirements. We leverage our expertise, connections, supplier base, and manufacturing knowledge to ensure you are able to focus on your business.

When you partner with Cadence and participate in our supply chain management services, we take care of the intricacies and logistics, while you get to focus on the bigger picture.

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Medical Device Manufacturing Offerings in Germany

As a medical device manufacturing company in Germany, Cadence, Inc. has a number of capabilities that allow us to provide customers with a high-quality product. We stay up-to-date on the latest technologies which allow us to produce precise medical devices that suit our customer's needs. 

Advanced Precision Laser Processing in Münster, Germany

Advanced laser processing has become a fundamental manufacturing step for many new products. As a result, Cadence continues to invest in and improve laser processing technologies in order to fulfill the ever-changing demands of new product design and development. Our German facility is 100% dedicated to precision laser processing and is an expert in laser welding, laser cutting, micro hole drilling, and laser marking.

Superior Laser Welding

One of the many fundamental services that Cadence provides is precision laser welding. With the knowledge and experience of Cadence’s team, you can experience the difference that cutting-edge technology makes with regard to the speed, efficiency, and consistency of welds. Our products are reliably designed to provide you with the best end-product available on the market. For medical devices, this dependability can make all the difference. 

Customizable Laser Cutting

With medical devices, a high level of precision and motion control is essential. Cadence offers top-of-the-line laser cutting technologies, providing OEMs with improved surgical device capabilities. This customizable laser cutting ability is what makes Cadence’s medical devices so precise and sophisticated.  

Accurate and Repeatable Micro Hole Drilling

The laser drilling process is an inexpensive alternative to mechanical drilling and is very adaptable for small holes with a large depth to diameter ratio. Precision laser drilling provides a repeatable, accurate hole that can be customized for all types of medical devices.

Skillful and Precise Laser Marking

Whether you need light or deep laser marking, Cadence has the ability to provide a precise solution that meets your needs. Similar to our welding, cutting, and drilling capabilities, our laser marking techniques are a valuable addition to your product. Cadence can customize the marking process to suit your needs.

Complex Machining Solutions in Münster, Germany

Cadence provides custom machining solutions for our customers’ most complex parts. Our machining capabilities allow us to deliver unique solutions. Cadence specializes in CNC machining, Swiss machining, LaserSwiss machining, and PEEK machining technologies in Germany.

CNC Machining Company in Germany

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining is a type of manufacturing software that allows three-dimensional elements to be completed with one set of machine commands. CNC machining is particularly useful in the development and creation of medical device components due to its precise capabilities. This highly precise and automated manufacturing technique allows Cadence to provide a high-quality product for our customers. 

Specialized Micro Machining for Sharps 

Micromachining is a manufacturing process that provides accuracy and precision that is unparalleled to other machining options. When it comes to manufacturing sharps—such as needles and blades—micromachining is the go-to process. Cadence uses micro-machining technology to create a wide range of products. These capabilities allow us to provide you with an incredibly precise end-product. 

Swiss Machining for Precise Manufacturing

When you need a highly precise and automated manufacturing option, Cadence has the solution for you. With Swiss machining, the production of small, intricate parts is easy and efficient.

Precise LaserSwiss Machining in Münster

LaserSwiss machining for flexible medical devices.Cadence's LaserSwiss machining in Münster combines 6-axis Swiss machining with laser cutting and welding. This all-in-one combination navigates manufacturing rules and allows you to operate without limitations. With LaserSwiss machining, you utilize the productivity of Swiss machining in addition to precise cuts and expert welding—all without having to move the part to another machine. That means increased productivity, more precision, and lower costs. 

Reliable PEEK Machining 

PEEK (Polyether ether ketone) is a type of plastic that can be molded and transformed into medical device components. In addition, to PEEK machining and molding, OEMs partnering with Cadence can use our design and development services to create low-volume prototypes or high-volume assembly parts. No matter what you need from PEEK machining, Cadence is able to provide a high-quality product with no burrs or contaminants.

Precision Metal Stamping Available in Münster, Germany

Our precision metal stamping capabilities in Münster, Germany provide unique and efficient processing methods for products where demand is high. Cadence’s German facility is 100% dedicated to precision metal stamping and specializes in microstamping, multi-slide, and reel-to-reel technologies.

Microstamping for Your Smallest Products

Modeled after the razor blade business, Cadence has developed a microstamping method that is suitable for high or low-volume production. Our custom metal stamping is integrated into our manufacturing process meaning we can offer precise stamping for any of our clients. This use of combined capabilities enables us to realize unique solutions for OEMs. This includes microstamping for even the smallest products.

Multi-Slide Stamping—A More Efficient Method

Multi-slide stamping with Cadence uses our precision metal stamping capabilities while also lowering investment costs. This means that compared to conventional methods, there is a lower material cost and more design freedom. Furthermore, because the multi-slide stamping method is fully included in the original assembly, no further operations are required.

Consistently Superior Reel-to-Reel Molding in Germany

Instead of moving parts from one machine to the other to create a final product, reel-to-reel molding allows products to be assembled all within the same unit. At Cadence, we use reel-to-reel molding in Germany to offer final products that are ready for automated assembly to our clients. As such, each product offers a consistent, reliable, and time-saving alternative to manual assembly. 

Microstamping for the smallest medical device requirements.Injection and Insert Molding

We offer complete injection and insert molding solutions at several of our facilities in order to deliver complex subassemblies for our OEM customers in Münster, Germany. These plastics capabilities complement our metals expertise and allow us to provide more complete solutions for new products while also reducing lead times and costs.

Injection Molding for Plastics and Metals

When you need a consistent and dependable component, injection molding from Cadence is the way to go. With our injection molding services, OEMs benefit from the high speed and low costs of manufacturing many parts at once. Whether you need insert molding, two-shot molding, or clean-room injection molding, Cadence is knowledgeable in this complicated sub-assembly operation. 

One of a Kind Insert Molding

When it comes to inserting molding or over-molding, you need a reliable and durable end-product. Cadence has the technology to provide that. Our newest 60-ton press allows for seamless integration of sharps and other completed medical devices. This insert/over-molding ability means that we have the capacity to perform subassemblies and have complete control over all subsequent operations. As such, Cadence is able to provide you with a dependable and strong end-product unlike any other. 

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Best Medical Device Manufacturer in Münster, Germany

Cadence is an experienced, highly qualified, dedicated manufacturer of medical devices in Germany. We provide an expert team, services, various capabilities, and outstanding customer support to ensure our customers' product success. The Cadence team is here to assist you in achieving your objectives, whether you are wanting to acquire high-quality medical equipment, contact us for medical device manufacturing, or use our services.

The design and development team at Cadence takes all of your needs and concerns into consideration before crafting your customized medical device products. It is because of this attention to detail that Cadence has become the well-known company it is today. Our customers find streamlined services that suit their budget, time, and requirements. Our technologically-advanced solutions provide you with precise, durable, and long-lasting medical devices that meet your requirements. 

With the help of Cadence Inc., your company can achieve higher performance, more sales, and a more streamlined supply chain management. Discover the difference that a dedicated medical device company can make by working with Cadence. 

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