A graphic render of a tube fabrication needle. Providing Various Tube Fabrication Solutions

Tube fabrication has become a fundamental part of most surgical devices. Cadence has one of the most comprehensive collections of tube fabrication capabilities in the medical device industry. Our suite of capabilities was made possible in part by the acquisition of the Popper and Sons company in 2008. Popper and Sons was founded in 1922 and grew into a leading supplier of custom fabricated tubing to the medical device OEMs.

Cadence offers various manufacturing solutions to meet our customers’ requirements by providing manual, semi-automated, and fully automated solutions. Our approach to tube fabrication is one that involves unique capabilities and higher levels of ultimate precision for the following tube fabrication processes:

Tube fabrication processes

  • Tube coiling
  • Tube welding
  • Tube notching
  • Tube flaring and flanging
  • Tube piercing, and slotting
  • Tube swaging
  • Electropolishing
  • Custom assemblies

We also offer secondary operations, such as:

  • ECG Cutting
  • Tube sharpening - grinding
  • Tube cutting, welding, and marking
  • Tube bending and end forming
  • Tube cleaning and passivation

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