Specialty blades and custom needles by Cadence, Inc.Specialty Blades and Needles Experts

Cadence, Inc. began in 1985 as Specialty Blades to address the needs of industries, original equipment manufacturers, and medical design engineers who required high performance, razor sharp custom-made cutting blades. Specialty Blades developed a proprietary CNC sharpening process that featured precisely controlled, multiple step grinding and honing sequences similar to that used on razor blades, but optimized for maximum product flexibility. Cadence carries on the tradition of greatness for sharpening and enjoys the reputation as the leading supplier for medical device OEMs. 

Cadence makes its own sharpening equipment.


Cadence makes its own sharpening equipment. We don't buy a grinder and use it for sharpening. We create a unique CNC sharpening machine from scratch and end up with 9-axis precision sharpening machines found nowhere else in the world.

Cadence also has two patents for our innovative sharpening processes. This new technology is in production and already providing real benefits to our customers.

In addition to our core sharpening capability, we also deploy many other sophisticated grinding techniques including:

Sophisticated grinding techniques

  • ECG or Electro Chemical Grinding - also known as burr free grinding
  • Centerless grinding - plunge and throughfeed type for precision diameter control and surface finish improvement
  • CNC surface grinding
  • Double disc grinding - where both sides of a part are ground at the same time

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