Precision laser tube cutting by Cadence, Inc.Innovative Laser Tube Cutting Solutions

Cadence's precision laser tube cutting capability allows us to manufacture parts quickly and cost-effectively while maintaining the highest levels of quality for our customers.

Our laser tube cutting system is the solution for fully automated cutting of tubing material. Designed to provide the high precision and repeatability required for medical instruments, such as stents, our tube cutting capabilities can also be combined with other critical welding, drilling, and marking processes that are fast and efficient. This laser tube cutting system is used in many industries such as medical, aerospace, and firearms.

Laser tube cutting technoloMedical Laser Tube Cuttinggies provide complex laser cut geometries on round, square, rectangular, and oval bar materials and is extremely accurate. Parts can be produced from one continuous piece of raw material (anything from aluminum to stainless steel and titanium to carbon). 

Optimize your tube cutting process with no downtime or extended lead times!

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