Laser processing

Laser Cutting for Medical Devices, Aerospace, Firearms, and other industries.Laser processing has become a fundamental manufacturing step for many new products.  As such, Cadence continues to develop and invest in laser processing technologies to meet the ever-changing needs of new product development.  When we cannot customize standard equipment to meet our customer needs, we build our own!

Laser cutting is fast, flexible and cost-effective while providing a considerably better-finished result than other processes. In industries where precision is a high priority and quality is essential, it can be a tremendous production asset. It is a critical process needed for the manufacture of complex surgical device components.  

Cadence’s approach to laser cutting is one that involves customization of the standard available equipment offering to optimize the capability for surgical devices.  This means our laser cutting equipment has been customized for higher precision motion control versus of the shelf equipment.  It also means that the specific material handling capability for feeding specialized materials for laser cutting have also been customized, such as automated coil feeding of flat stock and autoloading of tubing materials.  


Lasers can cut most metals, such as steel, stainless steel, super alloys, copper, aluminum and brass, as well as many non-metallic materials like ceramic, quartz, plastic, wood and certain composites. The laser is so fast and repeatable that it is perfect for use with high production volumes, creating a highly competitive solution for your application.

Precision 4-axis and 6-axis laser cutting.


  • Precision 4-axis and 6-axis cutting, tubing, and hydroformed details
  • Laser processing of Stainless, Nickel, Titanium, and Aluminum
  • Expertise in laser cutting of complex sheet metal details
  • Latest Fiber Laser technology with superior beam quality

Whether it’s a rough blank or a final finish part we will provide the ultimate precision laser cutting. The laser is so fast and repeatable that it is perfect for use with high production volumes!

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