Laser Ablation ServicesCadence's laser ablation process is used in microfabrication to selectively remove material from a solid substrate through laser pulses. 

These short, laser beam pulses are controlled in a manner that removes material from a solid (or occasionally liquid) surface so quickly that the surrounding material absorbs very little heat, preventing thermal distortion in the base material.

Benefits of using laser ablation:

  • High precision tolerances
  • Fine surface finishes
  • 3-dimensional ablating of PEEK for implants
  • The material removal rate is controlled at the nanometer scale
  • End result material is virtually burr-free
  • Channel machining for microfluidic devices
  • Removing polyimide or parylene coating for catheters and guidewires
  • Small beam diameter provides increased flexibility in designs of microstructures and other engineered surfaces
  • Marking fiducials or data metric codes on semiconductor wafers
  • Removing dielectric cover material to expose electrodes
  • No consumable tooling costs for electrodes, wire, or cutters

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