Industry-Leading Sharps Testing & Measurement Services

Our clients come to us with questions:

  • How do I precisely measure sharpness?
  • How can I lower penetration force?
  • How do I differentiate myself from the competition?

The IncisionLab™ was built to provide timely and updated answers to client queries. As the center of excellence for creating incisional components, our mantra is nothing less than "Innovation at Work."

Design Engineers benefit from working with Cadence in two ways: they leverage our knowledge in the critical component field and they receive the full breadth of our analytical capability in our incision laboratory.

An engineer working at his workstation.

IncisionLab™ provides clients with competitive evaluations:

  • Compare properties and performance of similar components.
  • Evaluate and define the physical boundaries for IP compliance.

The latest addition to our testing equipment enables us to include SEM imaging and magnification up to 24,000X.

Macro Characterization: Cutting edges, points & tips

Dimensional Measurements

Basic geometry, angles, radii/centrality, balance and other related dimensions.

Optical Evaluation

Qualitative evaluation and digital imaging of edges and tips (illustrating presence of burr, feature roughness, nicks and pull-outs.)

Micro Characterization: Cutting edges, points & tips

Precision Profile Measurement

To characterize ultimate edge/tip cross section with sub-micron resolution.

Qualitative Component Analysis

High-resolution 3-D color imaging and qualitative characterization capability.  SEM imaging and magnification up to 24,000X.An image of the IncisionTech Edge Profile.

Other micro characterization tests include:

 Surface Roughness Cross-Section Analysis


Cut and Penetration Force Evaluation

Comparative cutting performance is quantified by testing incision force on a specified medium.

Raw Material Analysis


Material Hardness

Quantifies material strength by determining bulk hardness of the material.An image of the competitor edge profile.

Metallurgical Evaluation

Analyzes microstructure to compare phase distribution and grain size. This further characterizes the heat treatment and other thermal treatments.

Abrasive Wear Testing

Compares and quantifies the abrasion wear characteristics of raw material.

Excellence, Experience, and Accountability

Three elements to successful component innovation. At our IncisionLab™ clients can depend on all three.

If you want to leverage our knowledge of cutting and piercing technology and put our IncisionLab™ to work for you, then call us today for more information!

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