State-of-the-Art Combination Technologies

LaserSwiss Machining TechnologyCadence's process integration capability combines multiple processes, such as Swiss machining and laser cutting into one process and eliminates many manufacturing restrictions.

These combination technologies, for example, yield the productivity of Swiss machining PLUS precise cuts from the laser cutter without having to move the part from one machine to another machine.

Benefits of using combination technologies:

  • Lower costs
  • Less setup time
  • Better precision with less variation
  • Eliminates multiple setups and deburring operations
  • Multiple processes achieved in seconds

LaserSwiss – we invented this approach in our CT facility and use it widely today in CT and RI.  Check out our new LaserSwiss Machining video!

SwissGrind – we invented this approach also in our VA facility. It has created unique capabilities for machining and sharpening trocars, tubes, and other complex metal knife assemblies. A truly unique new technology only available at Cadence.

SwissWeld – we’ve also invented a combination Swiss machining and laser welding system. Commercialization is complete. Another truly unique new technology only available at Cadence.

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