Laser welding of complex sub-assembles.Introducing Cadence's new, fully dedicated Advanced Welding Lab™ that integrates complex welding capabilities into a unique business process, providing endless possibilities for all of your advanced welding needs.

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With more than 3 million complex laser welded assemblies produced every year, Cadence is the best full-service welding partner you have never heard of.

Process and product innovation


Cadence's Advanced Welding Lab™ is 100% dedicated to process and product innovation, providing:

Precision laser welding for medical devices.

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Micro welding - precise welds via Micro-resistance and Micro-TIG welding
  • Versatility - ability to weld dissimilar metals
  • Continuous and pulsed beam lasers
  • High yield strength
  • Clean welds

We are taking thermal fusion to new places!

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