Providing Custom and Standard Precision Fluid Handling Components and Fluid Movement Systems

Fluid handling components for the life science industry.The Cadence Science® brand represents the finest products for the Life Science market. Cadence created the Cadence Science® brand following the acquisition of Popper and Sons in 2008.

Cadence, Inc. is a manufacturer of custom and standard precision fluid handling components and fluid movement systems for lab testing and dispensing applications in multiple business segments including, genomics, life sciences, pharmacology, environmental science, and numerous industrial businesses.

Scientists and businesses alike are actively looking for durable and dependable equipment that can increase productivity; deliver precise and repeatable results; and enable scientific discovery. Cadence has 100 years of experience in making custom probes and needles and extensive and flexible manufacturing capabilities. This enables Cadence to provide consistent, high quality customized products under the Cadence Science® brand.

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When accuracy and control are of paramount importance in your application, you can depend on a Cadence Science® products to deliver!

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Cadence is a proud member of Laboratory Products Association (LPA)

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