An image of a collection of custom blades of size and shape.Creating Custom Blade Designs

Whatever the application is for custom blade designs of specialty blades, Cadence can produce virtually any blade shape or edge necessary to get the job done - straight, curved, wavy, toothed, serrated, scalloped, notched, pointed tip or multiple-edged. Custom-designed CNC sharpening equipment enables Cadence to manufacture razor sharp, high quality cutting blades made to your custom blade designs from a wide variety of materials.

Technology improvements continue to better customize your blade requirements.

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  • Bulk packaging, Individual packaging, or Premium packaging
  • Part Identification or Marking
  • Logos or other unique identifiers
  • High Performance Materials
  • High speed steel, tungsten carbide, solid ceramic, and others
  • Performance Enhancing Coatings
  • TiN, TiC, TiCN, PTFE, Ceramic (e.g. Boron Carbide) and Diamond
  • Quality Documentation, Lab Analysis and Data Collection
  • COC, FAI, SPC, Cpk, etc.
  • Expediting Options
  • Need parts fast?  Ask about expedited delivery options.

An image of a collection of toothed blades.If you do not see a term describing your process, please contact us directly for more information. Chances are that we have worked on a similar problem in the past and can use our knowledge and experience to create a custom cutting solution for you.

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  • Blades FAQ

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