What is a Luer?

Luer is an abbreviation for what is commonly referred to as a Luer Taper. Luer Taper is a system of tapers used for making leak-proof connections between a male-taper fitting and its mating female part on medical and laboratory instruments, including hypodermic syringe tips and needles or stopcocks and needles. Cadence tapers are manufactured to ISO 594 standards.

What are different types of luers?

There are two basic Luer types: Luer Lock and Luer Slip. Luer lock is a part which locks a needle to a syringe by means of a tabbed hub. Luer slip is a tip which conforms to Luer taper dimensions and holds the needle by friction. The tip is wedged into a female Luer with a matched inner taper

What materials are luers made from?

Most Luers manufactured by Cadence are made from brass type 360 and are nickel plated. Cadence also offers a line of type 316 stainless steel luers as well as PEEK luer adapters.

Will Cadence Science® luers mate with a plastic syringe made in China?

Cadence's luers will mate with any device manufactured to ISO 594 standards.

Are luers tested for leaks?

All of Cadence's luers are tested for leaks using water pressure. Stopcocks are tested to 45 PSI water pressure and adapters are tested to 45 PSI water pressure.

Are luer stopcocks valves?

No. Stopcocks are directional-flow devices, not valves. The only valve offered by Cadence is the 'automatic valve', an essential component of our Pipetting Assembly 

Does Cadence manufacture custom luers?

Yes. Cadence offers custom manufacturing of tubular components and Luers. Please note that due to set-up costs, custom Luers require a higher minimum. Consult with our customer service specialists for additional information and quotation.

Does Cadence sell plastic luers?

No. Cadence only manufactures specialty metal devices. We do, however, offer a line of PEEK adapters for chromatography applications.

What is a Micro-Mate® luer?

Micro-Mate® adapters are manufactured with a special 'double-lead-thread' on the female Luer portion which is designed to minimize stripping when mating with plastic Luers. Micro-Mate® adapters are offered in both nickel plated brass and type 316 stainless steel.

What are the pressure ratings for Cadence luers?

All Cadence Luers are water-pressure tested. Stopcocks are certified to 45 PSI and Adapters to 45 PSI.

Can gases be used with metal luers?

No. Metal Luers are designed for use with liquids. Some of our customers do report successful results (no leaks) when Luers are used with gases. It is recommended that testing be done prior to implementation.

Are Cadence luers autoclavable?

Yes. Cadence's specialty Luers are designed for repeated use/sterilization. Note that proper cleaning and preparation is essential for preserving the appearance of Luers as well as repeated functionality. Ask our customer service associates for a technical document about proper cleaning of Luers.

Do Cadence luers conform to ISO specifications?

Yes. All Cadence's luers are manufactured and meet ISO 594 standards.

Does Cadence sell tubing adapters?

Yes. Cadence manufactures adapters for vinyl tubing. They feature either a male luer lock or a female luer to screw cap threaded fitting for various tubing I.D.s. We also offer needle tubing adapters to fit 14 thin wall to 23 thin wall tubing.

What type of plating is used on luers?

Cadence stopcocks and adapters that are plated (those not made from solid stainless steel) are nickel plated and have brass as the base material.

Can we purchase unplated, brass luers?

Yes, but these are custom made and not standard catalog items.

Bulkheads are ideal for panel mounted application requiring a secure luer connection. Bulkheads feature a 1/4"-28 hex panel nut as well as a lockwasher for secure fit. Bulkheads are offered with a variety of tubing 'barbs' to fit a wide range of tubing I.D.'s.

What are manifolds?

Manifolds feature 8 tip center and side feeds. They can be used with our 1ml pipetting assembly or with any other luer pipetting system. Manifolds allow for quick and repetitive volumetric distribution of reagents. Manifolds are manufactured from stainless steel.

Do 3-way stopcocks have to be lubricated?

Stopcocks should be lubricated every time they are cleaned with a valve lubricating grease by taking the stopcock apart & spraying lubricant on the key then re-assembling and turning.

Are lubricants used in the assembly process of our stopcocks?

Yes, stopcock keys are lightly lubricated with during final assembly.

Do you have suggested cleaning and sterilization guidelines for luers?

Please consult our technical document in the Downloads section on the web.

Do you sell luer gauges?


Do you have high-pressure stopcocks?

Yes. We have a 3-way high-pressure stopcocks, catalog #6011HP and #6021HP. The pressure rating is ~290 PSI, water pressure.

Are the automatic valves included with the pipetting assembly autoclavable?

Yes, except for the rubber tack and washer that must be removed prior to sterilization.

What is PEEK?

PEEK is high temp resistant engineered thermoplastic with excellent chemical and mechanical resistance plus thermal stability. PEEK is insoluble in all common solvents and being crystalline, is extremely resistant to attack by a very wide range of organic and inorganic chemicals. Mechanical properties are maintained even at temp in excess of 480F.

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