What is your core competency?

We are a premier manufacturing company that is 100% focused on improving product performance, period. We do this by improving total functionality as a Tier 1 Partner to major OEMs.

What makes Cadence different from other companies?

We make products better. While other companies make parts, we make a difference!
We improve outcomes through better product performance.

How do your products compare to others?

The scope of products that we currently offer or have under development is much broader than others. Many companies offer only limited types of products, or components, but Cadence offers all of the options needed to provide the optimized solution. This includes critical components, complex sub-assemblies, and complete devices.

How do your services compare to others?

The scope of services that we currently offer or have under development is also much broader than others. Many companies have one main capability, such as stamping, precision grinding or electro-chemical pointing. As the Center of Excellence for minimally invasive surgical tools, Cadence understands the market need to offer all of the required services to optimize the solution, such as precision grinding AND electro-chemical pointing AND sharpening / cutting edge generation.

Will Cadence make the whole product or device?

Yes. We now have totally dedicated facilities that provide finished products. 

Can you help me compare my component to my competitors and make mine better?

Yes. Our IncisionLab™provides clients with competitive evaluations that compare properties and performance of similar components and evaluate and define the physical boundaries for IP compliance. All of this effort is focused on developing devices that will perform better and proving it with perfomance testing of surgical devices.

Why should I contact Cadence today?

Cadence is focused on OEM applications, and will make your products better as a premier manufacturing company.

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