Values-based management

At Cadence, we exist to improve product performance through developing solutions-oriented, open relationships with our customers and providing highly technical solutions that enable improved product performance in clearly measurable ways. Our employees take great satisfaction in fulfilling this mission and in knowing they are improving the state of medical, life science, automotive and other technologies through our work.

It is not easy to lay out a complete list of all values and principles required in order to make all possible decisions. However, it is rarely unclear which path constitutes “doing the right thing.” While this may sound simple, it is, in fact, profound and powerful. The broad guidance of “doing the right thing” affects everything we do. We believe such actions lead to organizational longevity, customer loyalty, employee commitment, and public goodwill. Our corporate mission and commitment to “do the right thing” is only part of our value set. In addition, we use the following core principles to govern our decision-making at Cadence:

  • Balance  - We treat customers, employees, and shareholders with equal consideration.
  • Flexibility  - We give employees room to make choices, and respect those choices within the confines of keeping balance.
  • Innovation  - We take risks and seek differentiation in our culture, our processes and our business definitions.
  • Involvement  - We actively seek ideas and input from all levels of the Company.
  • Openness - We are open and truthful at all times with customers, employees, and shareholders about the condition of the business, and employees are expected to have a certain amount of literacy associated therein.
  • Mission Orientation  - We ask at all times how our actions and plans lead to fulfilling our mission.

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