A sample of machined plastics component.While some companies build their business model as a “plastics house”, Cadence has installed custom plastic machining processes to fully integrate these capabilities into a unique business process. Our plastic machining capabilities are optimized for high-precision, automated manufacturing. These combined capabilities enable us to provide unique solutions for the sophisticated OEMs.

We also have PEEK Machining Expertise for PEEK Implants.

Cadence specializes in the machining of plastic to support our customers needs in:

An another sample of machined plastics component.

  • Low volume plastic machining
  • Tighter tolerances plastic machining
  • Screw machining of plastic
  • Swiss machining of plastic
  • Plastic machined components
  • Custom plastic machined parts
  • Plastic machining
  • Plastic Machining Process
  • Plastic Machining Lathe
  • Plastic Milling
  • Micro Plastic Machining

Don't let a "plastics house" handle your precious requirements. Let the real experts handle the plastic machining required to get the job done!

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